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What has the reaction to the cancellation been so far?

The decision to withhold the movie, which had been set to hit cinemas on Sept. The website for the movie has now been shuttered, with only a copy of that statement remaining on the page. The film's trailer has also been taken down on YouTube by Universal Pictures, but copies still exist on other non-affiliated channels.

Universal's decision comes a day after President Trump appeared to tweet about the controversial movie. In fact, it is often the people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming out is made in order to inflame and cause chaos. They create their own violence, and then try to blame others. They are the true Racists, and are very bad for our Country! The president also told reporters earlier on Friday that Hollywood was doing a "tremendous disservice" to the country due to its "very dangerous" movies.

His comments came after days of coverage about the film on his favorite channels Fox News and Fox Business, as well as right-wing websites and blogs. A highly entertaining debut by a very talented author I hope to follow. View 2 comments. Hunt Them Down is the beginning of a new series. The main character is DEA agent Pierce. The story is engaging and action packed. The characters are likeable and intriguing on some levels. Look forward to reading more from Simon Gervais. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. Aug 29, Lane Mcdaniel rated it it was amazing.

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Unbelievable debut! Be sure to make some time to read this adventure. It is definitely a one sitting book read. I couldn't put it down. Jan 14, Ramona rated it really liked it. Action packed A real page turner.

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Lots of action and special forces brotherhood. It's a quick read, with excitement on every page. Hunt's daughter is kidnapped along with the original target. He's calling in his "brothers ", and not so likely former enemies to help. Jan 09, Darren rated it it was amazing.

The Hunt (Hunt Trilogy Series #1) by Andrew Fukuda, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I got this as a e book from net galley. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. I hope to read more books by this author. Dec 28, Arthur O'dell rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , ebooks , owned. Or the kind of direct-to-dvd actioner that would star John Cena. The focus is on the action, and the action is decent.

Jan 04, Judith rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , read-harder-challenge. I am looking forward to reading the next installment! Aug 06, Slaven Tomasi rated it it was amazing. Simon Gervais has a resume that reads like many protagonists in your favorite novels, starting his career off as a junior infantry officer, he received extensive training in advanced recon and small-unit tactics.

Once his service to the military was complete, he went on to use that specialized training as a federal agent, serving as a drug investigator, then rising through the ranks and with that gaining more experience, he was selected to be part of an anti-terrorism unit.

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With this unit he dep Simon Gervais has a resume that reads like many protagonists in your favorite novels, starting his career off as a junior infantry officer, he received extensive training in advanced recon and small-unit tactics. With this unit he deployed to various countries and collaborated with local teams to hunt terrorists from such places as; Israel, The United Kingdom, Germany and France, to name a few. Simon has written three novels and one short novella in his international best-selling Mike Walton thriller series.

Hunt Them Down starts off with action and prejudice almost instantly.

Action in the form of a DEA fire team prepping to take down a known drug cartel associate in Chicago and prejudice because along with this team, is a wet behind the ears, LEO hating, self-righteous reporter eager to win himself a Pulitzer prize. When this asshole reporter decides to live stream the entire thing from start to finish, the bad guys get wind of it, because this is and everyone is connected.

Universal Won't Release "The Hunt" Movie After Backlash From Trump And Fox News

When all is said and done, there is a dead DEA agent after a brutal shootout in the streets of Chicago. Our new protagonist, Pierce Hunt is one pissed off team leader, this anger and his actions gets him much respect from his LEO colleagues worldwide, but also suspended without pay for six months. Once his suspension is up, he reports back for duty in a new city he was assigned, Miami. We learn that what made Pierce Hunt a star amongst his colleagues is his first successful undercover mission, which took two years to complete.

His role or I should say, a way into the cartel as an undercover agent was through love. The end result was a known Cartel leader ending up in prison. This cartel leader decided to cut a deal with law enforcement and agreed to testify against others, basically using the DEA to do his dirty work for him and get rid of the competition. Pierce knows this, but the DEA needed a win and they would do anything they can to achieve some good press.

The other cartel leader, known as The Black Toska is vicious and blood thirsty with vengeance on her mind due to some brutality she was faced with as a young child. That vendetta and her aspirations to be the biggest drug smuggler, human trafficking advocate, even hinted at offering her services to middle eastern terrorists. Nothing is off limits with this cartel leader at the head of the table.

Hunt Them Down

Including kidnapping children in order to exact her revenge. Having made himself a promise long time ago that he would never let himself get that brutal again, describing his past and learning why he joined the DEA and separated from the Army, having gone against his command to rescue one of his teammates that had been taken as a POW. What we learn is that Hunt is as dedicated to his fellow team mates as he is to his family back home and when that family is threatened, absolutely nothing will stop Pierce from exacting revenge, rescuing those closest to him, and killing all the bad guys, which is described in spectacular vivid detail.

The type of details only those authors who have lived that lifestyle have the capability to capture. Simon Gervais brings a new series to the thriller community that is going to be an annual must read, Hunt Them Down is out in the wild and available in hardcover, e-book, and audio. Pick it up, you will not be able to put it down.

I read it all in two sittings. Mar 05, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-thrillers. The characters were a bit stereotypical, but not terrible. Agent Pierce Hunt is a grizzled veteran who is absolutely fantastic at everything except emotions, and he has an ex-wife and daughter who he loves very much but struggles to talk to. When 3. When the daughter gets abducted by cartels, she is a badass fighter when convenient, though of course her best friend who is kidnapped alongside her does nothing but cry.

So, eh, none of the characters are going to surprise you with choices, really, but it's not terrible. At least the ex-lover has skills beyond looking pretty and being emotionally distressed over Agent Hunt she's a hacker. The biggest issue I had with this book is the writing from female perspectives and the overall treatment of women. Like, on one hand there are a number of female characters in here. There's the ex-wife, the daughter, the ex-lover, and the head of the notorious Mexican drug cartel.

But going along the stereotype route again, you have the head of the drug cartel and she's making 'emotional decisions' for revenge rather than listening to her 'logical' male underlings, and she's given this weird sex-power-trope thing that is almost gag-worthy and also completely unnecessary. Why do we have to know the kinky details of the female drug cartel's life, but somehow the sex life of everyone else isn't necessary to the story?? The villainous woman in power is having a lot of dark sex. Such an important fact to put in the narrative! Is she scared enough? Definitely not. We have to have a complete POV shift to the ex-lover for a few paragraphs where the ONLY point of the shift is so the ex-lover can describe Agent Hunt as 'ruggedly sexy' and an 'apex predator' and the part she misses most about Agent Hunt is his 'body of an Olympic swimmer.

Nope, definitely not. This is true right until the end. Agent Hunt has an internal thought 'God, she's beautiful,' when the woman he's describing is outright crying over an Event that I can't say because spoilers, but As soon as I read 'ripe curves,' I knew what I was in for, but I'm still rolling my eyes.

Anyway, I liked the plot and all the details that came together. I thought the action scenes were written well and had a good flow, and I really wanted to know how it all came together in the end. I probably won't be continuing in Agent Hunt's adventures though, as I don't have much invested in any of the characters and I've hit my limit on the author's description of women and a woman's POV. Jan 08, Cathy Geha rated it it was amazing. I read some reviews of this book saying that this would NEVER happen BUT I did google and found that reporters have been on raids or leaked information that should not have been leaked so it is possible Fast forward six months and Hunt is back on the job only to have a new mess to contend with.

The convoy he is assigned to that is taking a witness for debriefing is attacked and most die and before the dust settles he finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped with one of her friends and needs to be rescued. And this is where the story truly begins. Throw in an ex-wife worrying and her rich husband willing to support his quest, a drug cartel he set up and a woman he scorned that he will have to work closely with to succeed, a few trusted men to work with that may or may not be trustworthy, an attitude that anything no matter how ruthless is okay as long as he gets his daughter back and the fact that he will have to go to Mexico to face someone so evil it boggles the mind and you have the basics of this rip roaring, pulse pounding, action packed thrill ride that left me wondering when the next book in the series will be released.

Mar 27, Merry rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star. If you want a book packed with action, this is the book for you. And yes, the characters were overdrawn and the ending is predictable, but it was still enjoyable. Probably more of a guy book but what the heck. Feb 15, Beth rated it really liked it. View 1 comment.

Dec 07, John Bastin rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-books.

A fast-moving, entertaining book. It's not great literature, but for a light, fun read it did a good job letting me spend a few relaxing hours reading. I don't pick up Thrillers very often, but the price an Audible daily deal was right This book doesn't disappoint. It's got a great plot and fast paced action I got to the end, seemingly faster than an eye-blink! Dec 16, Chris Norseman Miller rated it it was amazing. This was a huge success for me.

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Makes mistakes, emotional, but a trained operator that is backed up by an incredible plot. Believable, fast paced, and I was starving to turn more pages. Gervais has improved his writing in my opinion and has just set the stage for an amazing series! Jan 05, Abibliofob rated it really liked it. I can only say that I hope the next one is only half as good then he will be among my favorite authors.

For everyone who likes action, heroes and non stop page turning I strongly recommend this. Oct 02, Evelyn Wilson rated it it was amazing. I like to read the books from the series beginning so I purchased " Hunt Them Down " and just happened to have finished a book when this arrived. The only reason I put this book down was that I have begun watching Downton Abby with my spouse.

This book is continuous, can't put down, action-packed, incredible book and I can't wait to begin reading Trained to Hunt! Jan 21, Marshall rated it it was ok.

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  • If you like a book with non-stop action - guns, RPGs, stabbings, and people burned alive - this is the book for you. When his daughter is kidnapped, he and his friends embark on a non-stop parade of violence in the US and Mexico. The author, Simon Gervais, writes well, driving the plot forward, with only a little time spent on character development. The dialogue keeps the story going, without cleverness or wit or humor. The bad gu If you like a book with non-stop action - guns, RPGs, stabbings, and people burned alive - this is the book for you.

    The bad guys are standard, and the supporting cast is standard, and their are no plot twists. Jan 12, Dave rated it really liked it. Fun read, great action, good characters I'll definitely be reading the sequal. This was a great read Gervais wrote a fast paced thriller to my liking. Dec 02, Mary Rowe rated it liked it. High Testosterone, Bloody Actioner Everything desirable in a life or death kidnapped teenage girl s tale of torture and revenge and acting maverick outside the box. Very very violent but very little over the top carnal behavior or sexual violence.

    I really enjoyed this book. It was fast pace with no lag time and I could see this as a series. Feb 08, John D rated it really liked it. This book is very fast moving and easy to read. It really keeps your attention. Jan 13, Jake Butler rated it it was amazing. What a series debut!

    Im new to Simon Gervais. This was my first read from him and i wasnt disappointed. It's still early, but I can easily see Pierce Hunt joining those ranks. He's different from them though. An ex Army Ranger whose daughter gets kidnapped by one of the What a series debut! An ex Army Ranger whose daughter gets kidnapped by one of the most feared drug cartel leaders in the world Nothing motivates a father more than his little girl being in danger and Hunt, even as a DEA and law enforcement officer will do absolutely anything and kill anyone to save his girl!

    Gervais does an excellent job showing you who Hunt is; his strengths, weaknesses, his past mistakes, passions and love for his daughter. He shows that Hunt is a human being and like everyone, he has skeletons in his closet. As expected, since Mr. Gervais was an Infantry officer and federal agent, he does an amazing job with his descriptions of weapons and intense combat situations.