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Tranny, slur used for transgender men or women. The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. La Trola. With Progressive auto insurance, you'll enjoy affordable coverage options and a variety of discounts. Oct 20, Same with Yooz. Gem clips. All terms are reviewed by a real person before being added to the dictionary.

Here are 20 Toronto slang words you need to know if you wanna be considered a beaut in their eyes. Urban Thesaurus. Louisiana has parishes instead of counties. NFL has had bounties for years. Cain Vintage, Another word for hood noun Slang A person who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire: hoodlum, ruffian, thug, tough.

To be hired for employment. Wiltz presided over the Constitutional Convention of which reapportioned the Legislature, moved the capital back to Baton Rouge, La. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is a nonprofit organization that provides sexual health care in the United States and globally. Get New Orleans, Louisiana latest news. Louisiana is the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous of the 50 United States. However, no recovery can take place until the death of the recipient's spouse, or as long as there is a child of the deceased who is under age 21 or who is blind or disabled.

Shop for customizable Hood Slang clothing on Zazzle. Synonyms poor neighborhood, esp. Understanding drug lingo gives parents a key tool in monitoring their teens for drug abuse. Share This Article slang a neighborhood. In South Carolina everyone says this. Since the first print use of a word is often used to hoodie plural hoodies A sweatshirt, with an integral hood and, sometimes, a large kangaroo pocket at the front.

He was responding to the questioners use of Fo A sweatshirt with a hood: Example: 1 Everybody's wearing hoodies these days. Developed "straight from the horse's mouth". As of January , there are four living former senators from Louisiana. It's saying Forget about it with an accent. Grocery shopping tomato, mayonaisse. It is a recklessly pursuing chant for pleasure and fun. A primer on the distinct vocabulary of prison slang to help you out if you ever find yourself a member of the convict class. That is not a creole thing… Its a modern day thing. It is delineated from its neighbours—Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, and Texas to the west—by both natural and man-made boundaries.

An Irish potato to most. Synonyms: kangaroo, kangaroo jacket, bunny hug Britain, slang, often with negative connotation of yobbishness A young person wearing such a sweatshirt, usually a male. Our blog has been recognized for its unique approach to Our blog has been recognized for its unique approach to city-based research by major news organizations around the world such as Forbes and CBS News.

Learn the most common street names for drugs, both illicit and prescription. An example would be: Range ta chambre. Some terms are universal, yet others solely exist among groups of friends. Of course, there is also internet slang as well LOL. It's no different from New Yorkers, Bostoners, or Londoners -- your background determines the words you choo Living former senators from Louisiana. Select a slang term for more details. Clean your room. Simply 41 Examples of Spanish Slang for Girl.

See below. A great thing or situation. Drug slang, for parents, can be a warning sign. In this context, his Learn 16 American English slang words and expressions about food and drink! Read the slang words and example sentences, listen to the pronunciation and repeat the words and sentences out loud to improve your English speaking. Often pronounced similarly in a way that rhymes with "Butch. I am from the hood. Just enter a phrase and click "Translate" to view the translation.

Derogatory term for anyone who lives across the river Mersey UK. Keep in mind that not all German teenagers speak this way and that slang may vary from region to region. Elton John ended an eight-year feud with his mum. Guess the state from its slang. We found 56 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word hood: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "hood" is defined.

A mid nineties term for the best. Slang are words that are informal. Every town or region likely has their own regional slang of phrases that only people in that area say. At the end of the lesson, try the quiz to test your understanding of these If you were passing through Downtown Alexandria Saturday night, you may have heard the sweet sounds of a symphony playing. BuzzFeed Staff. We've got you c Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. The most recent senator to die was Elaine Edwards served August 1, to November 13, on May 14, The neighborhood is scattered light industrial and the homesite is surrounded by mature Douglas Fir trees creating a country garden oasis.

A word or abbreviation can add significant meaning or emotion to a message or text. Marrano, a. There could be a glossary of slang New Orleanians use for every season of the year or just the name of the streets but this list is going to try to cover the basics. It dawned on me years later that actually we were never mates. Afterwards, she noticed that her diary had a new event on it. It's cold out and I need to go get some things at the store. Some of the terms are similar to each other; some are even derivatives of each other, but they all relate back to money.

A lot of fonts have already touched on much of the regional slang but I want to add one thing. Louisiana history is full of influences from Native American culture, like in the city of Marksville which has a center for Native American culture. This list is only for general slang, no real names or references specific brands or models. Bordel literally means brothel. To stop working at age Similarly, people using slang are able to identify other members of their subculture easily. Photo credits: Mark Landes and Mark Frey. Particularly used for poor US inner-city black neighborhoods.

Really, i dont think it has anything to do with the hood though. Here are some new slang words to look for in A slang word list! Etymology: This is African-American slang for a hooded sweatshirt. August 8, What about common spoken words? People don't make up slang for simple words.

Lafayette, Louisiana by an artist by the name of Cupid. The origin of the word "slang" is unknown. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Map of the Baton Rouge ghetto and the Baton Rouge hoods in the state of Louisiana that has been mostly known for the major city of New Orleans and its reputation, the capital city of Louisiana has had legendary Baton Rouge hoods for generations.

Typically used around Mardi Gras, it is also heard anytime someone is celebrating a good time, such as at a family get-together or a good, old-fashioned fish fry. Plus, the chicks dig it. Air Force Slang. Slang terms for meth are always changing. Louisiana State Slogans Whereas the Louisiana state motto intends to describe the three patriotic values most important for Louisiana itself, Louisiana state slogans focus especially on attracting tourists, and as you will see, in 'serious' and, well, let's say less flattering ways: "Fall in love with Louisiana all over again" Slang category.

OG is a slang term for someone who's incredibly exceptional, authentic, or "old-school. Example sentences using British slang words. In order to create the map above, we used a layered, multistep approach. Its tone, lilt, and slang are indigenous to this city and reflect its ethnic history and tradition. Louisiana is a state located in the southern region of the United States.

Y'all take it for a headache. Each year the Internet provides the world with a bevy of slang words to latch on to and insert into as many conversations as possible. What does NFK stand for? A few years ago, while in high school, my friend Kenneth came up to me with a sheet of paper containing a few definitions he had made up. From extra, sus, shade, boots, doggo or puppo, there are acronyms and catchy phrases that you've heard but don't know.

You've come to the right place. Slang goon, gorilla. This site was last updated Sept 14, He lost the battle when the state Supreme Court revoked his dissolution of the lottery. On the other hand, younger people often understand, but find silly or old-fashioned, the slang of older people. These terms are rarely used by the police themselves. Over have of this nonsense is just making fun of how people pronounce things. A female who likes to give oral sex on a regular. Bobby Brown 1. I got some Bobby Brown.

Usually associated with anything that someone hogs that is supposed to be shared. Bookoo 1. An over abundance. A whole lot. A style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare that is often EQed to the forefront of the beat. Something or someone who is amazing, fine, cool… the best.

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Something undesirable. An inopportune or unfair situation, event, or thing. An exclamation used in celebrating a victory. I whooped you in dat basketball game!

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A name to call a female who has a reputation for giving oral sex. To be in control with an attitude. Demanding and highly opinionated. Generally used for females. To depart or leave. We bout ta bounce. Bowen 1. A person who often stinks, possibly with hygene issues. Derived from a creature that is known to inhabit sewage and have a frightening odor because it uses its own feces to disguise itself. Our room always smells like crap because we got a straight up Bowen in our class. To pass out after consuming little alcohol. A term used in reference to the chamber of a pipe that holds the contents being smoked.

Your friend or some one you admire. A term in reference to money or cash. A female or a girlfriend. A combination of the words broad an offensive slang term for a woman and easy one who is quick to have sex with another person. The term can also be used to refer to a sexy woman who is easy to get into bed. A term used to define a pound or kilogram worth of any drug, usually packaged in the shape of a brick. BTW 1. A term used in reference to the escalating excitement and or quality and quantity of something. Usually increasing the stature and or worth of that person, or item.

A strain flavor of marijuana that actually tastes like bubble gum, very expensive. Messed up or whacked. A popular brand of clothing, often bootlegged in the streets. To be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback. To shoot someone. A crude term that indicates a gay man; derived from gay sexual relations. A term used when describing a girl who has an attractive body, but an unattractive face. C-4 1. A great looking woman who has a great body.

She is a straight C-4! A large amount of cocaine, usually a kilogram worth. A female that has a large and voluptuous backside. A code word for sex. A code word for the club drug known as ecstacy. To insult or make fun of. To shoot someone, To put a cap in ones posterior. A person who is subject to someone else.

Someone who is a total loser. When you are out of money. When something is empty. Cat 1. He think he got luv up in here? To want to fight. To insinuate that a person is going to be harmed. To physically hurt or harm an individual. You ready to catch a fade?! To engage in any unlawful activities requiring legal prosecution. It is often used in reference to hurting another individual and obtaining murder charges. Any of the wide variety of flavored coffee drinks offered at convenience stores such as Circle K or 7 Eleven that can be purchased for less than half the price of a Starbucks cappuccino.

To correct or reprehend someone. Check up on it 1. Someone or something that is very ugly. Marajuana mixed with cocaine. Smoked by way of various means, usually a blunt. A girl, often ugly, that no guy wants. Derived from a very vile or derogatory term for a female insinuating that they give oral sex. Hanging out chillin and relaxing! You said you smoked the big kahunas. I just knew they were gonna win. A Hispanic gangster style of dress. Are you going Cholo on me? To be high on drugs or drunk. Having sex often.

Tight, cool, awesome, etc. A phrase used as a generalized term of approval for something. Derived from Snoop Dogg. A positive response to a question; yes. Another term for the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea or VD. To kill someone by intentionally shooting them. Somehting that looks nice, cool, or is tight. Yo, it was clean! Having stopped using drugs, or music that contains sexual or vulgar language.

Tacky, country or considered backward. Fool that was so clutch! A drug extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. A potent brain stimulant and one of the most powerfully addictive drugs. This information was obtained from drugfree. Please also see their website for more information. I was about to get her number! She has a body like a coke bottle. Cooker 1. A term used to refer to something that is cool, tight; typicaly used as a one word response and not in the course of a sentence. To obtain or acquire something. Crystal Methaphetamine low in purtiy and crushed into a powder, lacking potency.

To act or be completely crazy. Or an object or thing that is crazy. He scared the heck out of me! Get the Money Dolla Dolla bill yall. References new or current clothing. Ugly, gross or nasty.

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A powerful and extremely addictive man-made stimulant. It is similar in appearance to ice or glass chunks. It is colorless and odorless. Is usually smoked but can sometimes be snorted or injected. To be in a serious relationship, or to be committed to. Cupid Shuffle 1. A song and type of two step dance. This song and dance craze was founded in in Lafayette, Louisiana by an artist by the name of Cupid. A song on a record. A place in the hood.

Chillaxin in the cut. To put down or insult. Having well defined muscles. Dayton Rims. Expensive custom rims for cars. A mid nineties term for the best. A great thing or situation. Good marijuana or weed. A tramp. Look at him over there with those hoochies. A term used to refer to a large group of people in a specific location. A general term used to refer to a guy that a female views as extremly attractive and is constantly thinking about.

Dick Cheney 1. A bag of marijuana, usually worth ten dollars. A good looking female. A nasty girl. A drink, which is made from Sprite, candy, and prescription medications such as cough syrup with codeine, or even crushed pain killers, is used by many teenagers to get high. To insult. Code word for having sex. A large, round shaped and very full booty or butt. Doo-doo-mamma 1. Typically a ghetto female who is wearing out of style clothing; particulalty jeans. Damn she a doo-doo-mamma! This is usually done on small pieces of paper, but sometimes this is done to food items.

When a food item that has been dosed is ingested, the person experiences intense hallucinations referred as an acid trip. Also the current status or happening. Secret, keep it a secret, not public information. A secretive homosexual relation. Usually between men. To be hit with enough impact that one falls.

Going for a period of time without something you really want usually referring to sexual activity. When a certain drug is in limited supply or unavailable in your city or hood. The hood is in a drought fo real! DSL 1. This term is often used by teens as code so that adults will not know what they are referring to. Dude 1. A term to informally address an individual.

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An exclamation used when something is astonishing or amazingly cool. What you been up to Dun? An old Chevy car, usually a Capri or an Impala. A stylish after marketed vintage car that is currently popular. Is the fusion of sports and music inspired by the cultural aesthetics of urban style, fashion, and attitude.

Old, worn or dirty. Good bye. A person who is quick to have sex or is easily influenced into having sex. It is classified as a stimulant. It comes in tablet form that is often branded i. Nike swoosh, Playboy bunnies, etc. Emo 1.

Someone acting in a suicidal or depressed way. Meaning great or amazing or with grand proportions. If a fail is a fail in life, then an epic fail is a fail of giant proportions. A term used to describe ones irratation with someone or something. Originally used by gang members as a code word to kill someone. To exhibit the intoxicating effects of a marijuana or alcohol. A fail is a fail in life. It can be anything from falling off your bike, walking into a glass door or overcooking your holiday dinner.

FBO 1. Facebook official, in regards to your relationship with someone else. Extremely good. Often referring to marijuana and food. A numerical amount—fifty. Five counts of ten. Term used to imply that the person either has a nickel bag of weed to contribute, or is willing to pitch in 5 dollars toward the purchase of marijuana. Another way of saying that someone is a fool. To display your power or skill with intensity. To depart or go away. To purchase drugs or anything for a lower price than what you sell it for; usually making double the profit. A flopper is someone who often cancels last minute. Often while driving, showing your vehicle, its nice rims, your new jacket, etc. He had a sick flow. For Real. Completely drunk or high, usually enough to barely walk at all. Commonly known as the time to smoke pot.

Note: I get a large amount of emails trying to correct me, saying that is actually the California police code for possession of marijuana.

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We sometimes have codes that the dispatcher uses on the radio to let us know what kind of call we are going to, but it usually is the same as the code section. Also, any iced coffee drink. To copulate. An old school term referring to someone who looks good, feels good, and or puts out a vibe that is cool or really together. Term used mainly by people over the age of 28 from a Hip Hoppers worldview. Purely recreational sex.

Are you guys friends with benefits now? The act of being fake. Another reference to jewelry or diamonds. She has some nice earrings. A name when greeting a friend. G — money 1. G-6 1. A slang term derived from the sleek and stylish multi-million dollar G-6 Gulf Stream twin engine jet to describe sleek and stylish items. You got no game! Awareness and involvement in activity, usually used in reference to selling drugs. A gangster. One who acts, dresses and talks like a gang member. You look like a gansta! For something to be nice or cool. Gat 1. A gun derived from Gatling gun.

Why you gotta have a Gat? To be Geeked Up means to be very high on drugs. A call for a response or reply from another individual. To engage in the activity at hand well, with distinction and excellence fighting, partying, dancing, sex. Term meaning to get taken over, often used in the context of violence like getting jumped or even in the context of drugs like getting drunk or high.

To get drunk, to drink, or to otherwise become intoxicated from either alcohol or drugs. To get into a rhythm. To achieve a positive momentum. When playing basketball, if your team does well you can use this term for how you performed. To look good while driving an expensive vehicle. Getting wild and loud. Generally associated with krump dancing. Term meaning to oral sex. To take off or leave a place. Receiving more than you could have even wanted from a given situation. Being joined in a relationship with the person you wanted or starting a relationship with the opposite sex.

Jen is getting the hook up. Something excellent. Like hanging your clothes on the balcony when you have a dryer they can be put in. A generic verb used for an assortment of activities. A man who is in a continuing sexual relationship with a woman and receives financial support from her. A request to please applaud for something. When a female gives up her virginity before the right time, usually before marriage. G-macin 1. When a guy is putting on the moves or trying to get a girl to go out with him. Street term for speed. Good 1. Marijuana; or drugs.

A sexual term that describes anything that the opposite sex has that turns you on. This can range from Hugs and kisses to private sexual parts. A gangster, a very obnoxious and independent person, usually someone who is from the streets. Homie, like a good friend. When someone is caught trying to do something shifty or on the sly, like checking out another girl while holding hands with your woman. To eat or graze like a cow. A term referencing money due to its color. A term referring to marijuana because of its color. A term used to describe a group of unattractive large women. See also landmines: a term used to describe thin unattractive females…these two terms are often used together.

A nasty look. A facial expression meant to give off unfriendly vibes. Grown up. Gucci 1. A ghetto term for something nice. Getting drunk or high. To make fun of someone, or to insult, or correct him or her repeatedly. Usually a fun-loving term between friends. To get hit or fouled in a basketball game. A term in reference to a gun; derived from the metal hammer discharge that ignites the explosion of gun powder thrusting the bullet out of the barrel. A large bottle of alcohol; usually a half gallon worth.

I got that handle left over from the other day. N, Adj, V. A person who is tough and rugged; can fight well. An erect penis. Good sex. To express dislike. A hater is usually someone who feels anger or jealously towards another person because of their success. A male receiving oral sex. A store that sells smoking accessories, often frequented by people who smoke marijuana or tobacco. Refers to an individual being arrested, jumped and or caught in any series of negative situations.

It is a white to dark brown powder or tar-like substance. Someone who is wealthy and usually drives a nice car and dresses top end. A term used to describe someone who is snobby, arrgogant, or stuck up. She think she all-o-dat. To aggressively and at times violently approach and ask someone where they are from; to find out if the person s are from any particular gang or crew.

To contact someone, usually by phone. To have sex with someone.

A hooker or a hoochie, although sometimes more promiscuous than a hoochie, and therefore undesirable. A term used to describe a guy who keeps more than one girl. He straight got caught…nasty! Often used for insulting someone. Asking to barrow money. To talk trash in exaggerated terms or to lie on someone. When you act like you are better than or too good for someone. A female who is promiscuous by nature. A female who grants sexual favors easy. More than just a hoochie. A hoochie of hoochies. Someone who excels in all the qualities of hoochidom.

A request for assistance, usually seeking some sort of material or financial gain. Ding Dongs. Often, this can mean purely recreational sexual activity with someone who is just a friend. Anything from gentle touching to intercourse. A Oldsmobile or car of the like. An old beat up car. To have to face the consequences of being involved in a disastrous or negative situation. Mad or angry. Good looking. A term used to refer to the smoking of marijuana inside a car with all doors and windows closed so that all the smoke is kept inside the car.

Usually done with the expectation of getting higher or more intoxicated. Fast or quick. To be very badly beaten at something, whether sports or a fight or a rhyme battle. Curves on a woman breasts and hips. She packing humps now! A person, place, or thing that is messed up, very ugly, and or dirty. To make money or gain a profit by selling something usually through the use of a scheme or trickery to insure persuasion. Hyphy 1. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. Jennifer Varnadore marked it as to-read Nov 07, Twigi is currently reading it Feb 27, Jason Valentine is currently reading it May 10, These are words from the 3esl.

DDT deacon deaconess dead deaden dead end dead heat deadline deadlock deadly deadpan deaf deafen deafening deafness deal dealer dealership dealing dealings dealt dean dean's list dear dearly dearth death deathbed death penalty death row death toll deathtrap debase debasement debatable debate debauchery debilitate debilitating debility debit debonair debrief debriefing debris debt debtor debug debunk debut debutante Dec.

February fecal feces Fed fed federal federalism federalist Federal Reserve System federate federation fed up fee feeble feeble-minded feed feedback feedbag feeding feel feeler feeling feelings feet feign feint feisty feline fell fellow fellowship felon felony felt felt-tip pen fem. Jane Doe jangle janitor January Japanese jar jargon jaundice jaundiced jaunt jauntily jaunty javelin jaw jaws jaywalker jazz jazzy jealous jealously jealousy jeans Jeep jeer jeez Jell-O jelly jellyfish jeopardize jeopardy jerk jerkily jerky jersey jest jester Jesus Jesus Christ jet jet black jet engine jet lag jet-lagged jet-propelled jet propulsion jet set jet setter jettison jetty Jew jewel jeweled jeweler jewelry Jewish jibe jiffy jig jigger jiggle jigsaw puzzle jilt jingle jinx jinxed jitters jittery jive job jobless joblessness jock jockey jockstrap jocular jocularity jog jogger jogging john John Doe join joint jointly joint venture joke joker jolly jolt jostle jot journal journalism journalist journey jovial jowls joy joyful joyfully joyfulness joyous joyously joyride joyrider joyriding joystick Jr.

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