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Your blood. And she's having hallucinations of Cassie There's a whole lot of adjustment to be made. Sam's got to come to terms with who she was, and who she is now. She has to determine who's her friends, and who's her enemy. She has to sort out her feelings between her childhood friend Carson , the son of "the help," and her handsome, blue-blooded boyfriend Del. There are relationships to be rebuilt between her family and her twin brother Scott , and she's going to have to rebuild some broken friendships.

And try not to get herself killed in the process of remembering what happened the night Cassie disappeared. There are no shortage of suspects. I actually liked Sam a lot. I found her switch from bitchy before-Sam to completely passive after-Sam to be a bit of a stretch, but she is the first Armentrout main character who didn't make me want to strangle her. Sam is really nice, but also incredibly meek at times. Due to her amnesia, she is incredibly innocent, and she asks a lot of questions, which is reasonable, but also frustrating at times.

When Sam receives mysterious notes, she knows she needs to keep them as evidence, despite her brother's protestations to the contrary. But she can be, as she said, "incredibly naive. That's just really unbelievable. Sam doesn't have her memories, she doesn't know who she can and can't trust, and yet she seems to intuitively feel who she can trustand she turns out to be right, without much credibility on the reader's part. And to top it off, she sometimes acts foolishly. Sam returns to the possible scene of the crime alone. She runs off to be by herself, leaving her family to worry. But she is never outrageously stupid, and I liked her as a main character.

I feel like she grew up along the way, I feel that she became self-aware. She eventually becomes strong, but never a bitch. The Credibility : My main fault with this book is the credibility. I don't mean the amnesia premise, I mean that everyone buys into it so quickly. Before-Sam was a bitch. Why did everyone all of a sudden believe that she has amnesia? Because before-Sam was a manipulative bitch, wouldn't it be so much easier for everyone to think that she had been lying all along?

Everyone seems to buy the amnesia premise without much convincing, and I found that hard to believe. No Subtlety : The mystery was extremely obvious to anyone reading this book. The bad guys says things too quickly, too brightly, they smile too falsely, too easily. Sam has a knee-jerk reaction to them. I liked this book, but I like more depth to my investigative mysteries, and I found this book to be rather shallow. The Mean Girls : Sam's friends are horrible people. Almost all the females in this book are bitches. They're beautiful and manipulative. They're petty.

They're shallow. They're absurdly snobby. They're outrageously racist. The Romance : There is a love triangle in the book, and it is so half-hearted that I can't even be bothered to complain about it. What surprised me was my "like" not love, like for the bad-boy-motorcycle-riding love interest. It started off badly enough, as the newly-amnesiac Sam falls into insta-love for an asshole who hates her. He was happy to see me, but … but then his eyes hardened into chips of ice. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare me, please. But as it turned out, he's For one, he doesn't want to be a cheater.

She's not attracted to Del, she's attracted to Carson. Technically, she's cheating on Del mentally. But the thing is, Sam realizes that cheating is not right. I liked Carson. I liked Sam. Their romance didn't hurt, and neither did this book. View all 33 comments. Mar 17, Lala BooksandLala rated it really liked it Shelves: mind-fuckery , thriller-mystery , favourites. This book was quite the roller coaster. It was basically a suspense thriller disguised as a contemporary.

I got sucked in so bad and couldn't wait to figure out the mystery! It's no secret that I love an unreliable narrator, and since this was a teen girl with amnesia.. She was an actual non-annoying heroine, her love interest was well done, the situations paced perfectly, overall a pretty good read. I can't This book was quite the roller coaster. I can't pinpoint anything I didn't like specifically, but I had a few small issues with the ending just feeling not I can't really fault a book for ME seeing things coming, but some of the plot points were just..

Things I've seen before, and could see coming from a mile away. Some stuff just felt too Overall I enjoyed it, probably won't ever re-read it, but would definitely recommend. Recommended to Candace by: Anna M.

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Shelves: love-triangles , childhood-loves , shocking-twists , listened-to-audio-version , favorites. I loved this story! This is my first book by this author, but definitely won't be my last. From the very first page, this book had me enthralled. I listened to the Audible version and I didn't want to turn it off. The story was captivating and the narration was superb. This book had my rapt attention right up until the end When Samantha is found, bruised and battered after being missing for four days, she has no recollection of who she is.

Her best friend, Ca Wowzers! Her best friend, Cassie, is still missing. Sam was probably the last person to see her, but she can't access any of her memories to help investigators. As Sam begins to reintegrate into her old life, she gradually starts to regain brief memories of her former life. Unfortunately, as her memories begin to resurface Sam discovers that she doesn't like the person she was before. She was a bully, a snob and an all-around despicable bitch. With friends that she can barely tolerate, and a boyfriend that makes her skin crawl, Sam can't even pretend that she wants her old life back.

Yet, when the school's top mean girl tries to change her ways, it doesn't come easy. Her so-called friends turn their negative attentions toward Sam and she finds herself an object of ridicule and speculation. Along the way, she is able to rekindle some friendships that she had trampled on in her rise to popularity. These more meaningful friendships become a lifesaver for Sam, anchoring her to her new life. Carson even helps Sam try to figure out the mysteries surrounding the night she went missing. The two grow closer together the more time they spend together.

When the truth is revealed, I was shocked! I honestly, didn't see it coming. I had a few ideas about who I thought did it as I was reading, but man, was I ever wrong! This book kept me guessing to the very end. View all 46 comments. This book will be a huge treat for Jennifer Armentrout fans.

I've always loved everything she wrote, and this book was no exception. But I quite literally couldn't put this book down! So be prepared for that You won't sleep until it's over. I wasn't just gripped by the story, I felt like I fell headfirst into Sam's life and was right there through everything! I've read plenty of books where I've been captivated by characters, but nothing like this. I swear I thought I was going crazy right along with her! I had a million theories about what happened that night, and every time something happened, I was quick to 1.

Hell of a trip. I don't even know what I can say without giving away things in the book It was simply amazing. Jenn keeps you second guessing yourself the entire time and the pace of the book is perfect. There isn't too much going on and never once is there a lull in the story. You will love the characters in this book. Sammy's so real and I cheered her on as she kept from being a victim to her amnesia, and especially when turned her back on her old life.

Scott and Julie are amazing supporting characters, and to be honest, I wish I had a twin brother like Scott. Their relationship is special and he is fiercely protective of his sister. I'm pretty sure that explains it all. He's gorgeous, has a protective streak to rival Scott's, and is so sweet and patient with Sam that I swooned almost every time he was on a page.

Actually there will be times it has a The Lying Game feel to it. For once. I wish I could give a book more than five stars. View all 7 comments. Mar 18, Kassidy rated it it was amazing Shelves: release , books-i-own. I love the romance and the plot twists, the whole thing is captivating.

The main character is put in a really interesting situation where she is questioning her sanity and it was intriguing as a reader to experience that with her. However, I think some of the plot points are predictable, and although I like the main character, she could be really naive. Overall, a super fun and entertaining book and sucked me in! Shelves: psycho , auto-buy-authors , unexpectedly-good , physically-owned-books , contemporary , young-adult.

More like 3. Yes I have my other suspects but there was a scene that led me to the final conclusion that it was him and I was right! Nevertheless, I reall More like 3. Armentrout managed to hook me to the story from first page till the end. The reading experience kind of reminded me of that when I was reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer series. It was intense, highly addictive and funny too!

I read it in a day. Happy belated birthday! I hope the cuteness of the gif makes up for the late review. Hope you had an amazing day. View all 23 comments. Pros - The writing was better than I expected, it held my interest for a time - The thriller part, what little we got of it, was great. You won't like what you find. View all 69 comments. Samantha and her best friend Cassie have been missing for days. She has no idea. All personal details of her life are missing. But is it a bad thing? Lets be honest- Samantha was a bitch. She was a mean girl.

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All of her friends are mean girls too. Cassie was quite possibly the meanest of them all. This new Sam does Samantha and her best friend Cassie have been missing for days. This new Sam is getting a second chance to be a better person. And this new Sam is finding herself attracted to someone other than her boyfriend Carson used to be good friends with Sam, until she became so mean. Carson is willing to give this new Sam a chance, even going as far as helping her find out what happened to Cassie. As small parts of her memories start to resurface, Sam is finding herself confused and suspicious of everyone.

The closer she gets to finding out what happened to Cassie, the more danger she is in It felt like every time I thought I had something figured out, something new turned up and I was second guessing myself. Sam was an awesome character. I loved how she dealt with her missing memories and tried to be a better person given the chance.

Then there was Carson I love that boy. He is just incredible. I really loved most of the characters in this one! A unique, interesting and mysterious read that I enjoyed a lot! View all 36 comments. Oct 13, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Like holy mother of goodness. Can I just binge read every other existing JLA book right now??? I devoured this wonderful book. It was everything I could have wanted and so much more. I loved that this didn't feel like a typical contemporary read, or even a typical mystery.

Don't Look Back, Bob Dylan and the invention of the rockumentary

I was impressed by how well this book did as a standalone. It had so many contrasting elements occurring within the story that I simply could not put the book down!

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Between the spine-tingling suspense, laugh-out-loud jokes, sizzlingly steamy romance and underlying creepiness, this was a read that will surely make its way to my favorites list : This book was like a psychological-thriller meets Mean Girls in the most epic way. Throw in a cast of complex, layered characters and a cleverly crafted plot, and you've got yourself one heck of an entertaining mystery to solve!

View all 3 comments. With a strong blurb and a cover that's both creepy and pretty, I went into this one with a lot of expectations. It is my favorite genre and an author I've previously enjoyed, after all. I can't say I'm disappointed, exactly, but I'm sad that didn't end up loving this one as much as I was hoping. Amnesia is a commonly used trope in mystery novels, but I still find myself drawn to them every time. Even though it's been done before, I found the memory loss aspect very well executed. When Samantha r With a strong blurb and a cover that's both creepy and pretty, I went into this one with a lot of expectations.

When Samantha reappears into a life where she had it all, she's not sure how to deal with the way people describe her. She was a selfish bitch, to put it bluntly. I found this contrast between her pre-amnesia and present self very intriguing. She's the same girl, yet with a now conflicting personality from before.

It makes you wonder what could have turned this great person at heart into such a mean girl. Unfortunately I never exactly connected with Samantha. She was not unlikeable as a protagonist, but she did grate on my nerves every now and then, especially when it involved Del. I found it incredibly obvious that he was lying about their relationship - and more - I mean, what teenage relationship is that perfect?

He kind of creeped me out if I'm being honest. I wanted him to just go away.

Don't Look Back: The Problem With Backstory

Romantically, we've got the tumbling-and-falling-on-top-of-each-other scene, then the crush-wiping-ice-cream-off-her-chin scene. Thriller-wise, we've got the face-in-a-rear-view-mirror shocker along with mysteriously appearing notes. I can't say I didn't roll my eyes a time or two. More on these notes, they were so vague and unhelpful that I didn't see the point to them. They do serve a purpose eventually, but an angle like this had a lot more potential to build an effective twist than it delivered. With that out of the way, I may not have fallen in love with this one, but I did enjoy myself while reading it.

I was kept in the dark with a mystery that unravels slowly and steadily until all the pieces fit. I was left feeling butterflies towards a once unlikely romance that blooms between two characters not Del - blerg! And I was satisfied with the psychological aspect and unique character arc driven by memory loss. JL Armentrout definitely has potential in the mystery genre! For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads View all 10 comments. Waking up in the middle of nowhere and not knowing who you are, your name, and parents is just about as terrible as it sounds.

The plot of this story and flow of everything and how it was pieced together was pretty awesome. The revelation scene was a bit predictable but then again I still couldn't bel "My memories were dangerous, but they were also the key to the truth. The characters were interesting and relatable in a way that was easy to connect with them. And of course Sam's father, yea.. With the memory loss Sam went through a whole character change which in my opinion was a major improvement to her former 'mean girl' self.

She discovered she did have a heart after all, could care about other ppl's feelings and be a better person. Although some of the ppl in her life weren't so ok with that but that's their problem. Hard working, smart, kind and handsome like all get out, what's not to love? His only 'flaw' was that he wasn't filthy rich, which is what Sam's parents wanted in a boyfriend for their daughter. View all 6 comments. I really enjoyed it! It hooked me from the first page until the end!! I loved the mystery and suspense!! I couldn't guess who was the killer and honestly when I learn, it was a shock for me!!

It's really a great change of pace for the author and I hope that she will write more books like this!! And the fact that the romance was secondary didn't bother me at all!! This is a YA thriller Everyone wants to know what happen but Samantha has no recollection of what's happened. And now she is in a life that she doesn't remember and she tries to pick up the pieces and find what really happened I stared at a stranger in the bathroom mirror.

I'd never seen her face before. But it was mine. I loved the characters, especially Samantha who was a really interesting character!! She tried to change her life.. While she was friend with Cassie the other girl who missing she was rude and many people at school didn't like her. And this is what I liked about her.. I also loved her brother and Carson! Carson is so cute and sweet!

He cares for Samantha and he was there for her.. I honestly can't understand why she hasn't fell in love with him before!! I didn't like her boyfriend and her friends from the beginning! Also Cassie reminds me a lot Alison from the tv series "Pretty little liars". I loved that it kept me guessing until the end!!! I really enjoyed the final outcome!! If you are looking for a mysterious,psychological thriller with captivating characters, this is what you need!! View all 60 comments.

Armentrout usually writes that I wasn't sure what to expect. I am so glad that I decided to read it, because I enjoyed it so much.

Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I never wanted to put it down. The only negative I have is that I guessed the twist at the end of the story in the beginning of the book. However, I still wondered if I was right throughout the story so it didn't ruin the experience for me. I hope the author decides to write more books like this in the 4. I hope the author decides to write more books like this in the future.

If she does, I will definitely be picking it up.

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View all 27 comments. Shelves: enemies-to-lovers , abuse , kick-ass-heroine , ya , mysterious , favorites , book-boyfriends , suspense. And the answer is no. All the books I've read by Jennifer were amazing, and I adored each one of them. This book was no exception. It was amazing. I couldn't even put it down.

From the start, till the very last pages, the book kept me entertained. I have to clap for J. L because I was in a reading slump, but honestly I flew through this book. The story follows Sam , a girl who woke up alone in the forest. She 5 "Who am I? She doesn't remember anything about herself, or the people she was supposed to know. After she finally feels better, she starts communicating with the people who used to be her friends. She notices that she wasn't a nice girl at all.

The people who were close to her were from the popular crowd, and also meanies. She also discovers that she wasn't the only one who disappeared, her best friend did too. The main plot is cliche to be honest. The amnesia story has been used a lot in other books, but it was a little different here. It had the suspense factor in it, the mysterious one.

I was very busy, but I went on a road trip because I had to go to my cousin's wedding, and I opened this, and for fours hours straight, I kept on reading. I was hooked from the first page. Of course, I couldn't finish it in four hours, so I completed it when I came back. When Sam finally gets to know everyone around her, she notices that her brother's best friend hates her. She doesn't know why though, but she finds him attractive. Armentrout book, guys! I didn't really know what to expect, but I did know that Jennifer is a great contemporary romance writer. Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to capture readers with the high strung tones and the electric romance.

However, I did notice that there were a lot of cliches, especially in terms of the themes. The plotline, while enticing and fast-paced, was very similar to many other thrillers and mysteries. The beautiful teenager suffering from amnesia, the dead best friend, and the "surprise killer" have been seen in many other books, and it's even shown up in pop culture Pretty Little Liars , anyone?

I was able to connect with Sam easily…. Her thoughts and emotions practically became my own as I read this book, and it seemed like I was right beside her for every jump, twist and fall. Samantha was interesting. While many things could have gone wrong, making Sam a morbid and detestable character, Jennifer L.

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