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The chapel, which welcomes more than , people a year, will turn 50 in , a milestone that prompted the plans. A small retail operation, introductory information and other services in the Welcome House will improve hospitality and relieve pressure on the chapel, helping to restore its original sense of sanctity, Leslie and Rothko said. And when the program center opens, lectures and other events can be moved there. Altered at least four times in its nearly year history, the skylight has always been problematic, either letting in too much daylight or not enough.

Mark Rothko created the paintings to scale in a skylit New York studio, but died before the chapel opened. Longtime Sul Ross resident Geraldine Moohr appreciates improvements the Menil has made to the neighborhood in the past two years such as new sidewalks, tree plantings and home restorations, but the area has also lost some of the character she loved.

She was dismayed to learn that bungalows in the middle of the block would be replaced with contemporary buildings. Leslie said the Rothko organization reached out to the community and other institutions during its master planning process and has also published information on its website and in a season program guide.

He has also met with a local civic association, although the immediate Menil enclave doesn't have one of its own. Not a lot. Gehry's work is intuitive but, he insists, not personal; when his analyst suggests that his use of chain-link has something to do with his bitterness in his doomed first marriage, he angrily rejects that reading. Goldberger, reporting on this, takes him at his word. So, fine: biography is cheap.

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Then why write a chronological life in the first place? With Gehry, whose work is personal and expressive, it almost makes sense, but still a critic has to go deep and wide. How does this most idiosyncratic of architects, and his sizable staff, actually design buildings? And what weather has Gehry been reacting to? The answers are complex, because Gehry is full of contradictions.

The ultimate artist-architect, he insists on seeing himself as a pragmatic craftsman. Resolutely avant-garde, he has always been intuitive and untheoretical. While he flirted in the s with the arch historicism of postmodern architecture, he has mostly followed his own path.

Goldberger — after 40 years of thoughtful writing on architecture, most recently for Vanity Fair — knows all this, but doesn't have the distance to resolve it. The two men have a warm relationship, and Goldberger is clearly struggling to marshal a mountain of Gehryiana. Goldberger writes in the past tense, finding a near-ending in the shower of glory at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris last year. Yet Gehry's story is not yet finished. At 86, he continues to play against type. Working with trusted staff, including his son, Alejo, he has struggled with politics while designing a Washington, D.

That is a bizarre miscasting, but shows Gehry striving to do city-scaled work, and expand his range. No profanities required, this time. He also has several major buildings in the works, including the Mirvish Gehry project in Toronto, which if completed will be the largest thing he has ever built. It finds him back in the city of his idealized youth, which has changed beyond recognition.

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It's easy now to imagine what Frankie Goldberg might have felt about this. It'll take another book to unpack what Frank Gehry has to say. Alex Bozikovic covers architecture and urbanism for The Globe and Mail. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Read our community guidelines here. Customer help. Contact us. Log in. His personal life, which is masterfully weaved in the action, kept m I received an advanced reader copy of this book, coming out March His personal life, which is masterfully weaved in the action, kept me turning the pages.

The story is thrilling, and the narrative so crisp it feels like poetry at times. This is fantasy at its finest. There's a sequel coming out November and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds and what happens next. Jul 17, Ellen rated it it was amazing. Doore's debut novel is spectacular. First and foremost, the world is tangible.

I tasted sand in my teeth, I felt the blessed moisture in Ghadid's pumphouses, I smelled the threat of jaan. I am so thrilled to not soon enough read two more novels set in this beautiful, brilliantly constructed city atop the sand. Not only is the world well-constructed, but it also unfolds expertly.

Doore does an incredible job of introducing the K. Doore does an incredible job of introducing the city and its particulars around the plot and characters without overwhelming the reader with an information dump. Speaking of plot and characters, both of these aspects of the novel are also wonderfully crafted. The plot should appeal to anyone who likes a good whodunnit: Amastan must hunt the killer of one of Ghadid's drum chiefs and he must do it fast. In the process, there are plenty of thrilling twists and turns that have left me both emotionally satisfied and spent I just finished reading 30 minutes ago.

And don't let the cover fool you: the book is not all composed of dramatic knife fights though there are plenty, and they are written clearly and well - exciting for me as I can have trouble following the flow of fight scenes in books. Many of the most heart-pounding moments occur when nobody is fighting at all. And that brings me around to characters: K.

Doore does an excellent job shaping each one of her characters into a living being. Even the ones I didn't see quite as much of had life and dimension and depth. Mar 24, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley-reviews. I received a complimentary copy of this e-book ARC from the author, publisher, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Amastan is training to be an assassin like the rest of his family.

When he discovers a murder, it is up to him to find out who did it.

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  8. Can he do so and clear his name before he is accused of being the killer? Read on and find out for yourself. This was a pretty good action-packed fantasy read. It was full of intrigue and more. If you love stories like this, be sure to chec I received a complimentary copy of this e-book ARC from the author, publisher, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. If you love stories like this, be sure to check this book out wherever books are sold now.

    Jan 02, Sarah CoolCurryBooks rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbtq-protagonists , fantasy , release , protag-male , other-world. Like the sound of queer fantasy assassins? Then The Perfect Assassin is the book for you. They protect it from the shadows, assassinating criminals who need to be taken care of quietly. Only, he soon gets an assignment after all — a drum chief, one of the rulers of the city, has been murdered, and his jaan AKA his murderous ghost has been running rampant through the city.

    Either Amastan finds the true killer, or his family gets the blame. I loved the world building in The Perfect Assassin. Ghadid is a desert city and their society is built around the needs of their environment, mainly the importance of water. They are elevated above the desert floor and the murderous jaan that roam it, but with the dry season lingering and water supplies growing low, the city still has plenty of problems. The platforms the city is built on are the remnants of a long-ago civilization. As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, The Perfect Assassin is delightfully queer.

    Amastan is asexual and has a male love interest. Also, I appreciate the presence of numerous, well-written women in supporting roles. In terms of criticism, I found the beginning of the novel a bit slow, but it did pick up speed eventually. I also figured out the culprit before Amastan… but I think I was supposed to. The Perfect Assassin is the first in a series, but the plot stands on its own. I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest reveiw. Review from The Illustrated Page.

    Mar 06, Ashleigh Wild Heart Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-reviews , lgbtqia , fantasy , adult-fiction , queer-side-characters , ace-rep. High above the sands, the people of Ghadid are desperately waiting for the end of the season, but they will find that it's not just running out of water that might kill them. Wild jaan are on the loose, a killer is stalking the streets and long buried secrets are being unearthed. I'll know you'll find that courage when you need it. Don't get High above the sands, the people of Ghadid are desperately waiting for the end of the season, but they will find that it's not just running out of water that might kill them.

    Don't get me wrongs there's murders and assassins but it was such a soft, cathartic read. I think this comes down to the marshmallow that is Amastan. Amastan is an ace and homo-romantic assassin who has just completed his training but he's not so sure he's cut out to be an assassin, after all most don't complete their training and feel relief that there have be no contracts for years and they might never have to take one. I loved following Amastan so much and I love him. The relationship between Amastan and Yufit was just so tender and it was a joy watching it unfold.

    Welcome to Our World 1

    What I love about The Perfect Assassin is how it tackles the concept of assassins and murder. With Amastan at the front this isn't a book that ignores the consequences of assassinating someone nor is it taken lightly, the Family don't just run around murdering people willy-nilly. As Amastan says, they walk a very fine line between justice and murder. Everything builds to a crescendo and as the story unfolds and the secrets come to light it gets intense. Even once the killer is revealed The Perfect Assassin still grips you until the very last word.

    I didn't see that ending coming and even though it was bittersweet I couldn't see it ending any other way. Which I think says something about Doore's writing because I tend to prefer ending where everything wraps up nicely and the slate is wiped clean and everyone's happy. Yet this was perfect because it didn't do that, it was the only way to end it given how Doore doesn't let any of her characters get off scot-free from the consequences of their actions. He fought the urge to tug his tagel up over his eyes and hide. I'm hoping the finished copy has some sort of map of Ghadid.

    Whilst it's set entirely in Ghadid or on the sands next to it, a map of the city and it's sections would have helped orientate myself a bit. I highly recommend The Perfect Assassin. It's a beautifully crafted story with an amazing setting and wonderful characters. Even as the pace ramps up Amastan is like a soft hug where the world is a more beautiful place with him in it.

    Jun 03, Anya rated it it was amazing. Jan 04, Leo marked it as to-read Shelves: anticipated-releases. The author on Twitter: queer af fantasy! Ace MC! Apr 06, Tessa rated it it was amazing. An Ace main character that struggles with loyalty, murder, and defining himself. In a world where queer relationships seem commonplace, a 19 year old struggles to find his place in his family legacy while investigating a series of murders that could destroy it.

    Intricate world building, morally complex, hints of magic, spine chilling action scenes, and political intrigue. Dec 05, Martine Watson rated it it was amazing. This debut absolutely blew me away. The world building is gorgeous, matched by the writing. A great balance between action and introspect This debut absolutely blew me away.

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    A great balance between action and introspection leaves the reader deeply satisfied Aug 20, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , favorites. Those rooftop scenes are exquisite. Amastan is a scribe by day, assassin by night. Amastan takes on the task of discovering who killed the Drum Chief. But soon there are two more bodies and wild jaan running loose with a taste for revenge. With the end of season drawing near, Amastan is running out of time. I nearly died when I received an early copy. The world of Ghadid is so incredibly detailed that I truly felt transported there. Doore clearly has a firm grasp of her world and all its potential and possibilities.

    The city of Ghadid towers high above the sands and has a unique setup of wires and carriages to reach the ground, and Doore makes sure you know how it works. Which I enjoyed because I had some confusion about this city in the sky. The different aspects of desert living like the heat and water usage are well worked into the plot, and I think that was part of what made this world feel so concrete. I left with a good understanding of how jaan work, which makes me very excited to read on. I loved every character. Their individual personalities and their complex relationships were so good.

    I adore Amastan of course, but my second favorite is probably Menna. Her added experience keeps the jaan from becoming confusing while her general existence keeps some good bits of humor in what could easily become a dark plot. I loved them, I worried for them. And it was fun to go along with Amastan as he tried to put together the pieces of this puzzle. I couldn't tear my eyes away from tense or actiony scenes and every time I had to put it down I couldn't wait to return to it.

    If I had deducted stars, then I would tell you why here. But I was truly impressed by this book.

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    The Perfect Assassin was a Perfect Read! But a lot of this trade is about lurking in shadows and learning about the mark, to kill them discretely, after having ch The Perfect Assassin was a Perfect Read! But a lot of this trade is about lurking in shadows and learning about the mark, to kill them discretely, after having checking that the contract is sane. Assassins kill those who would have been executed if their crimes would have been publicly revealed. Most of the times, those secret executions are a mercy for the family and entourage.

    The narrative, as a fantasy story, is really excellent: excessively easy to read on, with an immediate immersion in this strange arid world, where towns are erected upon huge stilts, faraway from the dangerous sands, where demons roam at night, demons from dead people souls…. The world imagined unfurled slowly, in a very sensory way, the so hot days, the smells, the colors. Water is central is this book in a very clever and original way: its access is monitored by an ancien device, which work with a finite number of coins, which are given back by the machineries later on, only after the end of the dry season.

    This water is vital for drinking but also for healers, who use it to cure their patients. All these points are brilliantly woven in the book to make a fascinating story. His relation with other people, and particularly one, are subtile and credible. I could go on and on, raving on this book! Suffice it to say that this book was one of my best read of the year, and one of my best fantasy read ever. Oct 20, Liz Quirky Cat rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads.


    I received a copy of The Perfect Assassin from Tor in exchange for a fair and honest review. While the bright color caught my attention when browsing, it was the description and publisher gotta love Tor that really sold me here. The world is s I received a copy of The Perfect Assassin from Tor in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    The world is set in a city with limited access to water — thus water is a precious commodity. They are the Ghadid. They serve a higher power — keeping the city functioning at all costs. They train and work in secret, which one would expect. I'll post the rest of my review closer to the release date! Jul 12, Katherine Riley rated it it was amazing.

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    The prose compel one to read. This does not read like the work of a debut fantasy author. Sep 14, Keena Roberts rated it it was amazing. What a great read! Deserts, assassins, clever characters, acrobatics and real evil Also, knives. The wordbuilding is excellent, especially since it creates a vibrant city that's detailed while also clearly only part of a much larger and wider world, something that I really appreciated knowing there are two more books to come!

    Jan 05, Cass rated it it was amazing. An artful murder mystery in a fantastical setting! Amastan is a thoughful protagonist, cautious and clever, neatly finding his way through a tangle of lies and secrets that are long-buried, but not dead. The desert platform-city of Ghadid is well-drawn and compelling in its politics and its magic. Feb 15, Sibil rated it liked it Shelves: readtoreview.

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and to the editor.