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The Journey

The number of people diagnosed with cancer every year is set to grow to around 22 million by This is a global challenge, and one that requires faster progress and a more coordinated approach. Advances in research related to cancer bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges, for which we need to proactively bring the cancer research community and other stakeholders together to address them.

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Beyond the Horizon is an ambitious new meeting series that aims to facilitate knowledge-sharing and generate dialogue across disciplines with a view of accelerating progress in cancer-related research. It will provide a platform to enable the right people to come together and have the right conversations at the right time to develop proactive approaches to address challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

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Xinjiang, the Far West of China is an incredibly beautiful land. Yet it is not a famous tourist destination, but rather an off the beaten path area. Although the tourist invasion is slowly increasing, by visiting it is too far from The Silk Road- this famous ancient route system has been connecting two main civilization areas for thousands of years.

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It has been like a bridge between the West and the East. The West has been known for its highly developed classical Far, far from the sea coast, deep in the heart of the largest continent on the Earth, there is a land of mountains, deserts, grasslands, and forest.

This is Xinjiang, the eastern part of Central Asia, a place full of stunning